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Utica Crime Map And Stats

You would like to reside in a secure street, but how does your community compare with the greater municipality? Take a look at the following Utica crime map and find out where there’s more concentrated numbers of crime. Then take a quick look at some ways to make your family and street more safe.

Utica Crime Map

Our Utica Crime Map gives a summary of overall crime in the city. Deeper red sections signify a larger concentration of events in relation to the surrounding area. To zoom out, use the + icon. Zoom in to an individual area by hitting the - icon.

Five Tips On How To Help Keep Your Street Safe

If you want to stop crime, there's plenty you can do regarding your street’s safety. Use these five effective ways so you can keep your block secure and inviting.

Know your neighbors: The more you know people in your neighborhood, the easier it will be to protect one another. Many communities in Utica have even started a coordinated neighborhood watch.

Get a home security system: If a thief sets off a high-decibel alarm, it should dissuade them from lurking around that same street for a while. Your security cameras might also spot intruders cutting through your lawn when running from the scene of a crime.

Keep expensive items away from the window in your vehicle: Leaving your billfold, keys, or phone in plain sight can instigate a vehicular break-in. Always remember to bring in expensive items or store them in a safe place like under the seat or trunk.

Put up motion lighting: Light is a thief’s worst fear. By putting up motion-activated floodlights over shadowed areas or a back entryway, you could scare off a burglary before it starts.

Let people know when you’re gone: Let a friend know when you’re out of town, and give them a spare key or door lock code in case of emergency. Although, don’t post vacation plans to social media if at all possible.

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